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Mr Mutt

Mr Mutt – Documented the work of international composers and ensembles which explored the various shades of electronic music. Founded in 2003 and run until 2009 by Rossano Polidoro and Emiliano Romanelli.

Web site: www.tu–m.com/MRMUTT


year artist title format cat.#
2007 Steno Second-Hand Furniture DL md01
2005 Various Artists The Forbidden 80s CD / DL mr01
2003 TV Pow Live At The Nervous Center CDR mlive05
2003 Nathan Michel Trebly CDR mlive04
2003 Minamo Shrine/Nest CDR mlive03
2003 Sogar Eel And Coffee CDR mlive02
2003 Scanner Publicphono CDR mlive01